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The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton - In The Night

The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton - In The Night

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Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of jazz with this exquisite reissue of a classic album. "In The Night" by The George Shearing Quintet and Dakota Staton is a musical masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Originally recorded in the golden era of jazz, this reissue, crafted in the Netherlands, preserves the magic and soul of the original.

Dakota Staton, born in 1930, was a highly acclaimed American jazz and blues vocalist known for her distinctive and captivating voice. With a career spanning several decades, Staton made a significant mark on the music scene, enchanting audiences with her unique style and emotional depth. Her velvety, soulful tones, and impeccable phrasing set her apart in the world of jazz, making her a celebrated figure in the genre.  

A1 From Rags To Richards (3:12)
A2 I'm Left With The Blues In My Heart (2:53)
A3 Pawn Ticket (2:19)
A4 In The Night (1:59)
A5 Easy (2:39)

A6 I Hear Music (2:30)
B1 Senor Blues (3:45)
B2 Confessin' The Blues (2:43)
B3 Later (2:43)
B4 The Thrill Is Gone (3:04)
B5 The Late, Late Show (2:31)
B6 I'd Love To Make Love To You (2:43)

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