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Strokes - Is This It (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)

Strokes - Is This It (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)

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Experience the raw energy and timeless cool that ignited the early 2000s rock revival with The Strokes' groundbreaking debut, "Is This It." Now pressed on stunning red vinyl, this limited edition release captures the band's youthful spirit and the gritty authenticity that captivated a generation.

Building on their electrifying EP "The Modern Age," The Strokes crafted a masterpiece full of infectious guitar riffs, nonchalant vocals, and razor-sharp observations on urban life. From the anthemic "Last Nite" to the propulsive "Hard to Explain," this album redefined the sound of a new era.

Rediscover the album that launched a thousand imitators and own a piece of indie rock history with "Is This It" on red vinyl.


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