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Ren - Sick Boi (Limited Edition Red & Black Splatter 2xLP)

Ren - Sick Boi (Limited Edition Red & Black Splatter 2xLP)

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Own the explosive debut album that shot Ren to the top of the UK charts! This special limited edition of "Sick Boi" features two striking red & black splatter vinyl discs, showcasing the raw energy and unflinching honesty of Ren's artistry. Experience the biographical hit "Hi Ren" that ignited his meteoric rise, along with his acclaimed cover of "Bittersweet Symphony".

This indie-exclusive "Money Game" edition also features unique artwork highlighting Ren's distinctive style. Discover the album that resonated with millions, offering a safe space and honest storytelling that sets Ren apart. Immerse yourself in Ren's groundbreaking sound and claim a piece of music history with this collectible double LP edition of "Sick Boi."


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