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Midnight - Hellish Expectations

Midnight - Hellish Expectations

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Midnight - Hellish Expectations (LP)

Summon the demons of speed, thrash, and death metal with Midnight's latest offering, Hellish Expectations. This ferocious LP, unleashed on Metal Blade Records in March 2024, is a sonic inferno guaranteed to set your speakers ablaze.

Prepare for a relentless assault of shredding guitars, pummeling drums, and snarling vocals that will leave you no room for redemption. Hellish Expectations is a no-frills, pure metal experience that will transport you to a world of headbanging chaos.

The album title is a fitting description, as Midnight conjures a nightmarish soundscape filled with unholy riffs and bone-crushing breakdowns. While specific track details remain shrouded in mystery, anticipation for this release amongst metalheads is already infernal.

This is a must-have for fans of bands like [insert relevant bands here, e.g., Slayer, Kreator, Possessed]. If you crave pure, unadulterated aggression, then Hellish Expectations will deliver a sonic apocalypse you won't soon forge

A1 Expect Total Hell 
A2 Gash Scrape 
A3 Masked And Deadly 
A4 Slave To The Blade 
A5 Dungeon Lust 
B6 Nuclear Saviour 
B7 Deliver Us to Devil 
B8 Mercyless Slaughter 
B9 Doom Death Desire 

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