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Maynard Ferguson - Chameleon

Maynard Ferguson - Chameleon

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"Chameleon" on vinyl is a sonic adventure that encapsulates the electrifying energy and innovative spirit of trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. Released during a period of musical exploration and fusion in the jazz world, this album stands as a testament to Ferguson's ability to push boundaries and embrace new sounds while maintaining his signature style.

The record opens a portal to a vibrant musical landscape where traditional jazz meets the avant-garde, and "Chameleon" showcases Ferguson's prowess as a trumpeter and bandleader. Known for his stratospheric high notes and commanding stage presence, Ferguson leads a dynamic ensemble through a series of genre-blending compositions that span the realms of jazz, funk, and fusion.

A1 Chameleon (4:35)
A2 Gospel John (6:02)
A3 The Way We Were (3:25)
A4 Jet (3:55)
B1 La Fiesta (8:04)
B2 I Can't Get Started (3:42)
B3 Livin' For The City (4:55)

Superbone Meets The Bad Man (5:08)

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