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KRS One - Return Of The Boom Bap

KRS One - Return Of The Boom Bap

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Get ready to witness the rebirth of raw, classic hip-hop with KRS-One's legendary solo debut, Return of the Boom Bap. This double LP vinyl edition delivers the full force of the Blastmaster's uncompromising rhymes and back-to-basics beats. With production contributions from legends like DJ Premier, Kid Capri, and Showbiz, the album delivers a sonic punch that harks back to hip-hop's golden era. KRS-One spits fiery verses on tracks like "Outta Here" and the unforgettable "Sound of da Police," tackling social issues and showcasing his lyrical mastery. This is a defining album for both KRS-One and the history of hip-hop – a must-have for any true fan of the genre.


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