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Emperor - Warth Of The Tyrant (Coloured Vinyl)

Emperor - Warth Of The Tyrant (Coloured Vinyl)

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Immerse yourself in the icy winds of Norwegian black metal with Emperor's legendary debut, Wrath of the Tyrant, now available on stunning coloured vinyl!

This limited edition pressing captures the raw, primal energy of Emperor's early sound, a sound that would go on to define the genre of symphonic black metal. Witness the birth of anthems like "I Am the Black Wizards" and "Moon of Mayhem" in their purest form, their lo-fi fury echoing through the grooves.

A1. Introduction
A2. Ancient Queen
A3. My Empire's Doom
A4. Forgotten Centuries
A5. Night Of The Graveless Souls 
A6. Moon Over Kara-Shehr
B1. Witches Sabbath
B2. Lord Of The Storms
B3. Wrath Of The Tyrant
B4. The Ancient Queen
B5. Lord Of The Storms
B6. Witches Sabbath

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