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Astronoid - Astronoid

Astronoid - Astronoid

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Embark on a sonic journey through celestial chaos with Astronoid's self-titled double LP. This instrumental post-metal masterpiece transcends genres, weaving a tapestry of soaring melodies, crushing riffs, and atmospheric soundscapes.

Awash in cosmic energy, Astronoid's music evokes the vastness of space. Imagine galaxies colliding, meteors streaking across the inky black, and the raw power of a supernova - all translated into a powerful and emotive musical experience.

A1 A New Color
A2 I Dream In Lines
B1 Lost
B2 Fault
C1 Breathe
C2 Water
C3 I Wish I Was There While The Sun Set
D1 Beyond The Scope
D2 Ideal World

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