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Opeth - Orchid

Opeth - Orchid

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Opeth - Orchid (2023 Limited Edition Red Vinyl)

Unleash the fury of Opeth's early years with this stunning 2023 reissue of their debut album, Orchid, pressed on limited edition red vinyl. This release offers a chance to experience the band's raw and untamed energy that solidified their place as pioneers of progressive death metal.

Originally released in 1994, Orchid is a whirlwind of complex riffs, growling vocals, and melancholic melodies. Dive into the haunting atmosphere of "In Mist She Was Standing" and headbang to the relentless assault of "Forest of October." Each track showcases Opeth's masterful blend of technical prowess and emotional depth.

More than just a re-release, this red vinyl edition boasts a high-quality pressing that delivers the album's sonic fury with clarity and power. The striking red color adds a touch of collectability for die-hard Opeth fans.

Whether you're a longtime devotee or a new listener eager to explore the roots of progressive metal, this Orchid reissue is a must-have. Experience the unbridled energy and groundbreaking sound that cemented Opeth's legacy.

A1 In Mist She Was Standing
A2 Under the Weeping Moon
A3 Silhouette
B1 Forest of October
B2 The Twilight is My Robe
B3 Requiem
B4 The Apostle In Triumph

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