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Mick Jenkins - The Patience

Mick Jenkins - The Patience

New Vinyl

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The Patience Vinyl Experience

Immerse yourself in a sublime auditory journey with "The Patience" by Mick Jenkins, a musical masterpiece encapsulated in the timeless allure of vinyl. As you run your fingers over the smooth, opaque disc, feel the anticipation building for an unparalleled sonic adventure. This 1xLP edition is not just a record; it's an invitation to savor music in its purest form.

Dive into the rich tones and crisp beats of "The Patience" as the needle glides over the vinyl's surface. Rediscover the essence of music with this meticulously crafted LP that promises an authentic, soul-stirring experience.

A1 Michelin Star
A2 Show & Tell
A3 Sitting Ducks
A4 Smoke Break-Dance
A5 007
A6 2004
B2 Pasta
B3 Farm To Table
B4 Guapanese
B5 Mop

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