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Larry June & Alchemist - Great Escape

Larry June & Alchemist - Great Escape

New Vinyl

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Elevate Your Musical Experience with The Great Escape

Embark on a soul-stirring auditory journey with The Great Escape, the groundbreaking collaborative album from the iconic Larry June and the masterful producer, The Alchemist. This musical masterpiece, born from an organic fusion of San Francisco vibes and creative brilliance, boasts 15 tracks that weave a tapestry of sonic excellence.

Dive deep into the realm of musical genius as The Great Escape features tasteful collaborations with some of Hip-Hop's most celebrated figures. Feel the pulse of the beats enhanced by the lyrical prowess of Action Bronson, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, Slum Village, Boldy James, Evidence, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Worthy, Curren$y, and Joey Bada$$. Each track is a harmonious blend, a symphony of talent that adds a layer of depth to this magnum opus.

As you explore this auditory odyssey, envision the album as a fine wine – let it breathe, savor the rich complexities, and lose yourself in the unique nuances carefully crafted by two of Hip-Hop’s smoothest figures. Your musical experience is about to transcend the ordinary; The Great Escape is not just an album, it's an immersive encounter with brilliance.

A1 Turkish Cotton 
A2 89 Earthquake 
A3 Solid Plan 
A4 Palisades, CA 
A5 Summer Reign 
A6 Orange Village 
A7 Porsches In Spanish 
B1 Art Talk 
B2 Ocean Sounds 
B3 Left No Evidence 
B4 What Happened To The World? 
B5 Éxito 
B6 60 Days 
B7 Barragán Lighting 

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